• What is Operator?
    • You can call the operator as a reseller.
  • What is operator's share?
    • Suppose that a customer of the operator has paid 100TK, if the operator's share is 60%, the operator will get 60TK and you will get 40TK.
  • What is offline payment?
    • If you allow offline payment for the operator, the customers of the operator can pay using recharge card.
  • What is the difference between operator and group admin?
    • The operator is the reseller of the group admin.
    • The operator can not add packages.
    • The operator can not add billing profiles.
    • The operator can not add routers.
    • The operator cannot export or import customers.
    • The operator can not view customers of other operators.
  • Important Notes
    • Assign packages and billing profiles after creating operator.
Last modified 1yr ago