ISPbills is an ISP Billing & Management Solution. The software accommodates customer billing, payment processing, network configuration and monitoring of equipment, PPPoE billing, hotspot billing, client portals, and much more in one place.
The system works efficiently with customer billing, invoicing, paired payments from bank accounts, Mobile banking (bKash/Rocket/Nagod etc) or payments via payment gateways (VisaCard/ MasterCard/ AMEX/ Paypal). The ability to block non-paying customers in time is also vital tool for any ISP, as well as communication with customers via different channels like customers portal, tickets, emails and SMS.
One of the main and most important parts of framework is ISPbills Radius server that performs AAA tasks. PPPoE, DHCP, Hotspot, Wireless or Static IP/MAC authentication. Our solution also provides smart bandwidth management and other useful features.
If you have a growing ISP with at least 200 active subscribers and you decide to work with us, we will help you build a steadily growing ISP without a need for manual billing and admin work, with a redundant, automated network and top-level customer support.
Three types of Customer Management:
  • PPPoE
  • Hotspot
  • Static IP
Four types of Panel:
  • Admin Panel
  • Reseller Panel
  • Manager Panel
  • Customer Panel
Supported Payment Methods:
  • Online Payment : Visa Card/ MasterCard/ AMEX/ DBBL/ BRAC
  • Mobile Payment : bKash Merchant/ Nogod/ mCash/ Rocket
  • Recharge Card
  • Send Money & Cash
Fast, Secure, Automated and Efficient Hotspot billing solution.
  • Users Self Registration uses a mobile number only (Fast and Convenient)
  • The user's device will be authenticated by the radius server automatically as soon as the device is connected to your network (Secure and Efficient).
  • The user's account will be unlocked automatically as soon as he pays/renew/purchase Internet package through online payment gateway (Fast and Efficient).
Invoice generation and payment processing
  • Automatically generate a monthly bill at the begging of the month for PPPoE and Static IP customers.
  • Download Invoices in PDF and Excel format.
  • SMS Notification for payments and bills.
  • Get paid instant on your bank account from your customers with online payment gateways.
Radius server
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Internet Usage History.
IPAM – IP address management
  • Avoid Network Address overlaps.
  • Static IP for PPPoE Customers.
IPv6 Support
  • For PPPoE Customers.
Reseller modes
  • Easy Resell
  • Prepaid/Postpaid Reseller
  • Monthly Billing / Daily Billing
Customer portal
  • Customer Status
  • Internet History
  • Buy Package
  • Pay Bill
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